about big dog

who we are?

Big Dog started over 20 years ago providing surveillance solutions to quick service restaurants.  Word quickly spread about our excellent service, unmatched expertise, and reliable support leading us to expand into other verticals.

It is because of that winning formula that we are now proud to be a provider and installer of commercial grade surveillance systems to thousands of customers nationally.  Whether you need a basic HD 4-camera system for a small shop or a 128-camera ultra HD solution with a professional design and multi system integration for an entire campus; Big Dog specialists can help you achieve it.

Angus, the mascot and inspiration for the Big Dog name

Why Big Dog?

  • Fully customizable designs to fit your specific business needs
  • HD & UHD image quality enhances live view and recording
  • 8, 16, and 32 cam basic packages are available
  • 2-year warranty protects your complete systems package
  • No contracts, monthly fees, or subscriptions
  • Free lifetime tech support
  • System Health Monitoring Available – Ask your Sales Rep!

Big Dog Surveillance Features

Restaurants & Bars

fast food eyes in the sky

We got our start keeping an eye on the fast food warriors out there. We know what restaurants and bars need.

Large businesses

autodealerships to warehouses

Does your business have a big footprint and a simple camera system just wont do. Big Dog can provide you with a solution.

Retail and Service

calling all franchisees

Hey, restaurants aren't the only business that need someone watching their back. Whatever your product or service is, we can help!