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About Big Dog

Big Dog Surveillance Systems empowers your business to protect its investments, improve safety and training, and mitigate loss.  The system's HD cameras don't miss a beat of your company's busy day and allow you to watch a live stream with remote access, keeping you in the loop anywhere, anytime.  The best part?  Big Dog is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE to fit your business’s specific needs.
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Custom Designs
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IP Systems
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Ultra HD

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Remote Access
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Recording Time

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24/7 Support

Why Big Dog?

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  • Fully customizable designs fit your specific business needs

  • HD image quality enhances live view and recording

  • 4, 8, 16 and 32 camera package discounts are available

  • 30-day minimum recording comes standard

  • Access remotely from anywhere

  • 2-year warranty protects your complete systems package

  • No contracts, monthly fees, or subscriptions

  • Free lifetime tech support

"Big Dog has been great for our team as it gives us accessibility as well as the best technology in the field."

 —Christie H. Glaeser,
Vice President of Operations
M&M Custard, LLC

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The Big Dog Difference

Fully Customizable

Your business is unique. Small or large, you deserve a system that provides everything you need with nothing you don’t. Our experts work with you to assess your needs, building a system that gives you security and peace of mind.

Security Check

Our design team uses all the technology at our disposal—satellite imagery, blueprints, and photos—to walk remotely through your business. This helps us determine your specific business’s needs as we design your security system.
And it’s 100% free.

System Integration

Complicated security requirements? Unusual store technology? Our team has the security and IT experience to customize your camera system for optimal surveillance.

Big Dog Products

HD Camera Systems

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  • Records up to 32 cameras

  • 1080p or 5 MP resolution

  • 1-month recording

IP Camera Systems

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  • View and record cameras from anywhere

  • Up to 12 MP cameras

  • 1-month recording

Remote Video Surveillance with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android

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  • View from almost anywhere

  • Reduce theft and loss

  • Improve employee safety

  • Record HD-quality video

  • Easy, expert-assisted setup

  • Search and Archive

    Big Dog lets you search and view footage by camera, date, or time quickly.  You can also copy onto any external device to keep important footage safe. 

  • Motion Detection

    Built-in smart technology records only when movement is detected, saving you hours of unnecessary footage. 

  • Remote Access

    Watch your cameras from any computer or smart phone for real-time monitoring. 

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Big Dog Customers

For more than 20 years, Big Dog has been protecting countless customers in industries including:

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Business and Offices

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Condo associations

  • Schools and Campuses

  • Retail Locations

  • Apartment complexes

  • Government Offices

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We began our relationship with R.F. Technologies back in 2008 when we installed security cameras in our then 37 Wendy’s and KFC restaurants. Now we are 56 locations and growing! R.F. Technologies has been a true partner in our business every step of the way through the purchasing of the right equipment, install, and the ongoing help to my team… I would highly recommend R.F. Technologies to ANY company looking to save on cost, investigations of Workers Compensation, and General Liability claims."

—Kris Stuebner
Executive Vice President, Operations and Marketing
JEM Restaurant Management Corporation

"The team at R.F. Technologies is top notch. RFT uses the right supplies in the correct places. Their techs go above and beyond to make sure everything is done correctly during install and maintenance. They were able to build a system that matched our needs, offering different megapixels and zoomed lenses where it was necessary. We gave them a task that they have never done before, and with testing day and night, RFT was able to build what we needed. We have come back to RFT numerous times due to their hard work and flexibility to work with us as a dedicated customer.” 

 —Multi-Location Auto Dealership

"R.F. Technologies has provided camera systems for a number of our fraternity house facilities. Their Big Dog surveillance system has been adaptable to our use case, and the help we have gotten from their staff in designing systems based around our unique needs has been invaluable. Once the system is in place, the staff at R.F. Technologies has always been available for help, whether it is a system repair or a simple question about the software suite. Can't recommend them enough!"   

—College Housing Management Company

"I absolutely love our Big Dog surveillance system. It is user-friendly and the iPhone app helps me quickly keep on top of my buildings and cars. We have many moving parts in our business, and our system allows us to have a watchful eye on everything in the event that something occurs. I would highly recommend the Big Dog surveillance system for any business."   

— Francesco D'Avola
President - Team Stradale, Inc.

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